Core Features

These features are at the core of Atlas Utility for a reason - they're what you're most likely to need on a regular basis.

System Operation Log

Fast, detailed, and built on top of our phrase system.

Work Requests

Easily create, schedule, and manage requests on-the-fly.

Operator Dashboard

Live, customizable, at-a-glance info to maximize awareness.

Compliance Reporting

Easy and automatic evidence generation for compliance forms.

Customizable Operator Dashboard

Designed to suit the day-to-day needs of any operator.

Instant Visibility

The dashboard of Atlas Utility is fully configurable, allowing rapid review of information essential to operations and safety at a glance.

Fully Customizable

All contents can be customized and fine-tuned by end users with ease.

Calandar Widget

Various calandar views can be included for increased project visibility.

Filtered Live Log Views

Operators can use this widget for a clear view of all actions on the system.

Storm Mode

Customers can configure special, focused layouts for use in emergencies.

System Operation Log

We've reimagined the traditional Operator Logbook into a modern, condensed, utility-focused form.

Maximizing Space

Operator log entries typically don't require a ton of information. We've made use of the extra space on our entry page with a live view of the op log, maximizing system awareness and adding additional utility to our log entry page in the process.

Log Phrases

Our reusable phrases extend the utility of your operator log. Fully customer-defined phrases can be used to update various states of equipment, handle shift changes, and more. Phrases also improve the searchability of your log.

Copy From Log

Our phrase system improves the speed of creating log entries by allowing operators to copy a log entry with a single button. Operators can choose to copy entire log entries, or simply their phrase, with these two distinct buttons.

Automatic System Status

Changes to the state of equipment are logged and tracked with our phrase system. This is done automatically for operators with an informational box showing any changes to the system their log entries are making.

Work Requests

Leave the heavy-lifting to field crews - our Work Request form practically fills itself out.

Optimized Layout

Unlike competing solutions, our Work Request form is optimized for fast data entry on widescreen monitors. Most critical details can be filled in without even touching the scroll wheel on most computers.

Adaptive Data Form

Atlas Utility will only ask for what's required based on the work type, reducing clutter and confusion while filling out the form. This particular design philosophy is commonly applied throughout Atlas Utility.

Trouble Equipment Tooltips

Your employees need to know when equipment isn't working quite right. Atlas Utility highlights equipment in abnormal states and provides important context to promote crew safety and system awareness.

Work Notifications

In case anyone needs the be notified at any point in the process, employees can be easily added to a notifications list on requests. These notifications can be part of switching, sent automatically before/after work begins/ends, or handled manually.


Important and useful functionality built on top of our base software package.

Data Historian

Data from your utility's EMS or Data Historian system can be used to quickly log system changes.

Shift Change Reports

Log entries flagged for shift change (automatically or manually) can be rendered into reports at shift changes.

Logging in Storm Mode

While Storm Mode is enabled, the Log Entry page is streamlined temporarily to speed up logging.

Equipment List

Produce reports of non-functional, damaged, or irregular equipment with ease. Powered by the phrase system.

Support & Maintenace

In the event of a critical issue, 24/7 Emergency Support is included with Atlas Utility. Customers also have access to daytime support through their Atlas representative.

For non-urgent issues or questions, we have an email support line as well as our thorough product documentation.

Product Integration

During your deployment of Atlas Utility, we may send an Integration Specialists on-site to assist with our integration with your systems.

Our Integration Specialists stay on-site for a period of days to ensure a smooth, frictionless rollout.