Foundations of Reliability

Comprehensive Documentation

Our thorough product manuals define how our apps work, meaning components are fully documented top to bottom.

Intuitive Interfaces

We spend a lot of time designing our interfaces to ensure you and your employees can understand them quickly and easily. Less training, more doing.

Painless Upgrades

You want to do your job, not do ours. Our upgrade process is as fast and painless as possible. We're always available to assist if any issues arise.

Extensive Testing

Our focus on detailed documentation allows us to thoroughly test all components with each upgrade to ensure a frictionless user experience.

Integration Specialists

During deployments and other major system upgrades, we our Integration Specialists work with your company to do the heavy-lifting.

Our Software Suite

Atlas Utility

Built for (and by) industry professionals, Atlas Utility is designed from the ground up to be the ideal tool for System Operators in the energy industry.

Atlas Utility's feature highlights include a live-updating operator dashboard, storm mode, compliance evidence generation, simplified op-log entry, and more.

Why Atlas

We're a small, family-owned software company based out of Duluth, Minnesota. Our focus is to bring developers and industry professionals together to automate processes through our unique approach to software design.

In-House Software

We don't outsource our development to third parties to ensure security.

Specialized Solutions

Our software is built from the ground-up for your industry specifically.


From software to scheduling, we can adapt to suit your company's needs.