Founded in Minnesota

It's Never Too Late for Software

AtlasRSD was born out of a long-overdue need for modern, high-quality, and (most importantly) well-supported software in Energy industry. Existing solutions are archaic, poorly documented, and can fail to serve their intended purpose.

We're here to provide the aforementioned modern, high-quality, and well-supported software solutions to the Energy industry.

Energy is the backbone of the country - why should the software of the industry be any less advanced than what it powers?

Family Company

Founded From Frustration

In one of many work-related chats between the two founders, Steve posed a simple question - how hard was it to make a logging app like what he used at work?

Loki took a look at what Steve was using at work, considered its shortcomings, and knew it was a worthwhile project.

Thus began the process of father and son planning, designing, and prototyping of the company's first offering: Atlas Utility.